Well life doesn’t stop just because we are suffering. Sometimes we have to cut back to our basics…but stop? We can’t.

Sometimes I think that’s a good thing and sometimes I think it’s not. It’s good because we need to keep going, we need to think of other things besides our pain, we need a reason to move. But it’s bad because sometimes we need time to process…and to keep our spiritual life going.

Which is the point. No matter how busy, we have to keep praying. Especially when we are suffering.

Because when our spiritual life gets put on the back burner, we get weak. We somehow seem to lose perspective. And when we are already suffering, we don’t need that!
St. Francis de Sales knew this truth when he said, “Everyone one needs a half an hour of prayer each day. Except when we are busy. Then we need an hour.”
That’s exactly it–business can add to our feelings of overwhelmedness–and of our own failures. And when we throw our prayer and devotion time out the window, we don’t even realize sometimes that we made ourselves weaker adding to the cycle of feeling overwhelmed, burdened, focused on the wrong things . . .

I’m writing this because I got a pretty good reminder of this in the past month. As  you can tell by my blogging absence, I’ve been caught up in being busy! Don’t ask me what–it’s just the daily drama and the practices for the kids for this and that (and everything) and, well, even just trying to normalize life again. It’s a constant adjustment, as the suffering still ebbs and flows.

Throw in a couple sick kids and some long snow day  . . .and well, I started to feel it.

I guess the good news is when I feel so out of sorts, I cry out to God. It’s a natural reminder to get back to the things I’ve put aside.

And yes, God is faithful–helps me to find my way out and I begin to cleave to him again.

So if you’re feeling it, reach out to God now.

Add some extra devotion in. I bet you could find a little time despite the business. I bet you’ll be glad you reached out to the One who can help  you through your overwhelming business.

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