So I was lying in bed thinking of how I probably need to go to Confession. And then I think when? And then I think do I really need to go? And then I think, it’s funny how we don’t do things we know would help us get through a tough time.

Like, a more minor example, if you’ve ever gotten into the habit of a daily prayer time and Bible reading and reflection and then kind of fallen off the wagon with it, you know what I mean when I say you usually get into a funk. Things don’t click. YOu feel out of sorts, overwhelmed, etc . . . . And yet the answer is right there. We just need to get ourselves back on track.

And so it is sometimes in the midst of our intense suffering with our prayer time, making sure we are getting to Adoration, Confession and Mass regularly, daily meditation and Bible reading and reflection . . . .

Sometimes we do do these things more as we feel God is all we have. But sometimes we let it fall by the wayside–and just let ourselves feel bad. Of course, the kind of pain that suffering cause is not like the being out of sorts I described in the beginning. We can’t “fix” it by rededicating ourselves to our prayer life, but we can help soften the pain by gaining that right perspective and opening ourselves up to God’s grace and healing.

Why do we let this stuff go when we suffer so much?

  • Depression–lacking the will to do much of anything
  • Being mad at God or just plain confused by Him allowing this to happen
  • The feeling that our suffering is so intense that we should get an “easy pass” with other things
  • Spending time in a kind of desperate prayer more and thinking that is sufficient for our growth so we don’t have to keep up with other commitments (meditation, Adoration etc….)

Anyway, if we allow ourselves to really analyze our situation, its almost laughable that we avoid the things that can make us stronger. That’s our human nature, I guess (like I want to lose weight but I don’t want to diet and exercise!).We want to hurt less but we don’t want to actively do something about it!

So, yes, I do need to get to Confession and allow myself the opportunity to receive God’s grace, be strengthened by it, and keep going on my path to holiness!

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