Do whatever He tells  you. The words of Mary at the Wedding at Cana. It is still the words of Mary today in her quiet, gentle way.

Do whatever He tells you.

Sometimes He tells us that we must suffer. Sometimes He tells us that we must carry our own cross . . .like He did.

And Mary is no stranger to that as she watched her son suffer and die. What did she do in the midst of her grief, suffering, and loss? She waited in prayer and hope. She was among the apostles, probably whispering to them as she does to us today: “do whatever He tells you.”

And so Mary brings us to Jesus. She brought Jesus to us through carrying Him in her womb. Now, she gently guides us on the path to Jesus.

A mother has a  unique role, a unique way of guiding her children. So it is no wonder that Jesus gave her to John, and by extension to us, on the Cross. And that is why we need Mary. So she can guide us to Jesus in that way only a  mother can.

Sometimes in my grief, I cry out to Mary. I cry out to her because she has a mother’s heart. Because I know that she hurts for me the way a mother does. And because  I know that if my own will is having trouble accepting what God has for me, that she will gently help me to accept it.

Do whatever He tells you.


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