It’s funny, but I’ve been criticized and praised over the same things, the choices I make as a mother, the things I feel are part of my job to do as a mother or what I feel the kids can do for themselves.

For instance, I don’t pack my kids lunches. They pack their own. Some other moms have said, “what a great idea!” and others have said, “well, I always pack theirs so I know they are eating well,” with a disdainful look on their face.

Also, most of the time, I don’t make my kids breakfast. Nope. I always make sure they eat but they eat cereal, waffles, instant oatmeal, a piece of fruit or once in a while, even Pringles. Not making them breakfast allows me to get up early and do my prayer time before I have to wake them up (At this point, I have not entertained the idea of getting up earlier than 5:45 so I have time to do both). Some people think that’s awful.

I also don’t get involved in my kids homework. If they need help, they ask and I help them but in general, I don’t look at what they’re doing. This is out of necessity. With 5 kids, dinner to make, sports practices to run to and a to-do list that is routinely two pages long, I just don’t have time or energy to micromanage their homework. I’ve talked to a lot of people who aren’t so nearly hands off but I’m glad for it. I think it’s taught my kids greater responsibility. And, they all do pretty well in school.

Call me a bad mom if you want–you may hurt my feelings (in fact, you probably will because I’m fairly sensitive) but I’m not going to apologize for these choices or others.

Like I talked about last week, we, as moms make the choices that work for our families. These choices simplify my life, get me through and keep me from feeling too stressed out and overwhelmed. And my kids may even learn some extra responsibility from it.

If you can make breakfast, make lunches, and oversee homework, I tip my hat to you and am impressed by you.

But I myself, am a lower-energy little soul. And so great feats of motherhood are not for me.

I won’t apologize for finally being able to embrace that that’s how God made me.

Do I have it all together? Nah, not really. But you know, I’m learning to find my way. My way. It works for me and my family for the most part and most of the time.

Your path is just for you.


PS–I would love to hear what things work in your family. What do you do or not do for your kids?

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  1. Jeremy

    Pringles for breakfast? What a great post. Of course I new all this and think they are fine. But if you can find organic food that they like and fits, you get five stars.

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