Since I like to share with you my goals for Advent, I think it’s only fair, I share with you the results.

Yes, I know it’s February.

At least my Christmas decorations are down!

As foar as reaching our goals this year, I’d give us (me) about a 35%. Yep, I’d say we reached about 35% of our goals.

That’s a failing grade of course, but it is what it is.

  • We did our Advent wreath most of the time–our daily devotional reading maybe half the time.
  • We got nowhere on our spiritual goals.
  • And for the first two weeks of Advent, we neither went to Adoration or said the Rosary.
  • We did pretty well earning our hay for Jesus.

At the end of the day, I definitely spent  a portion of Advent stressed about Christmas cookies and christmas cards and teacher baskets and getting gifts, etc.

I’m not proud of it, but I’m just being honest. I was only on my A game for, well, less than half of Advent.

And forward we march.

Every New Year two of my friends and I spend time in the Adoration chapel, asking God what He wants for us this new year.

This year, He is asking of me some self-discipline.

My theme for the year is: Do!

You know why? Because my goals from last year are almost exactly the same.  Which means I accomplished almost exactly nothing last year.

And then I decided to keep it simple with the kids.

I’m tired of setting my sights so high–and then at the end of every season, looking back with a sigh at how little we did.

Let’s face it: I’m terrible at follow-through.

So our New Year has begun, imperfect but still holding on.

So this year–we’re going try a monthly family Rosary. We’re going to try 5 to 10 minutes of Adoration a week. We’re going to try to read through the New Testament at dinner. And we are going to work on praise–To God and to each other (one little trick we are using for this last goal is on everyone’s birthday go around the dinner table and everyone says something nice about the birthday person).

And the good news is, Lent is right around the corner! Another time to assess–to begin again. The church in her Wisdom!

And so lastly, my quote for the year, from the book, Sacrament of the Present Moment, is

Keep firm, go on, fear nothing.

P.S. Some of my personal goals include, losing weight, establishing a better bedtime routine with kids, blogging more, eating healthier as a family, and read 10 spiritual books!

Feel free to share some of your New Year’s resolutions with me!

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  1. Rosemary

    What an honest and brutal review of yourself I don’t have that kind of courage when I look in the mirror. I really love that you keep coming back and trying to improve. I also think your reading of the New Testament at dinner is a really great idea – should lead to some stimulating conversation and thoughts. I am trying to exercise on a more regular consistent schedule. I am lucky to have Qandle to help me stick to it.

    I like your posts.

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